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Birthdate:Oct 13
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America
What's your name?

What's your real name?
That would be telling.

Why Deanna?
You're awfully nosy.

So what are you?
Vampire, lover, monster in the closet, your worst nightmare.

When were you turned and by whom?
1789. Yes, I was approaching the ripe old age of *gasps* forty. And two hundred plus years on, I still look fabulous. As for my sire? Look him up in your dusty texts, I'm sure he's got his own chapter in there.

Any children?

Who have you sired?
Recently? Daniel. It was a moment of weakness. I needed to throw someone off my scent.

Who was the first?
Someone I cared about.

Do you remember your first words as a vampire?
"Hello, new teeth. That's interesting. Where were we? Oh right, Barcelona!" *laughs* Sorry, couldn't resist; I heart that show. And Billie Piper? Biteable. Ummmm, fuck if I remember. It was a long time ago. Why is that important anyway?

I'm just trying to get a sense of who you are.
I'm a vampire. I kill people. I drink blood. I like blood. I also like sex, but don't flatter yourself mister, you're not my type. I dance. I flirt. I shop. I terrorize. I enjoy the creature comforts, especially those created the last fifty years. Women's liberation? About fuckin' time. Gay rights? At least Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, they get it. And you know what? It's time for undead rights too. We've walked the land a fuck of a lot longer than you. We kept you from spreading out too thin in the old days. You huddled in communities because you wanted safety. If we wanted to, we could've wiped you off the planet. So how's about showing a little respect?

Yeah. Spoken like a bloody Watcher. I'm done here. You want more information? Stop treating me like bloody Lestat and more like an actual person.

[Disclaimer: Deanna is an original, fictional character for the Birthright roleplay community. The image chosen to reflect her appearance is that of Julianne Moore. I'm not claiming to be the celebrity, and this journal isn't intended to represent her in any way.]
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